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Chapter 1: Compliance

At Federal Injury Centers of Kansas City, compliance is our top priority. In an era where many healthcare facilities find themselves facing legal issues with the federal government due to non-compliance, we are committed to doing everything the right way. Our doctors and staff undergo specialized training to ensure that we adhere to all regulations and guidelines.

From initial evaluations to work injury treatment, as well as filling out forms and billing, we are diligent in following the rules. By doing so, we enable our patients to feel confident that their doctors are acting within legal bounds. We understand that the best way to assist injured federal employees is by strictly adhering to all regulations, thereby ensuring our longevity so that we can continue to help even more federal workers in the future. Chapter 1 of our manual is dedicated to compliance, as it is at the core of our approach to assisting federal employees in the right way.

Specialized Forms for DOL Workers’ Comp

The handling of federal workers’ comp injuries differs significantly from state workers’ comp programs. For instance, the Department of Labor (DOL) utilizes federal “CA” forms for reporting injuries and notifying the department about work-related matters. CA1 and CA2 forms are specifically designed for reporting injuries, while CA17 Duty Status forms are used by injured workers who require time off due to work injuries. Additionally, CA7 Claim for Compensation forms are completed and submitted by injured federal employees to ensure they receive rightful compensation after being injured on the job.

At FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS OF KANSAS CITY, including our Restore Muscle and Joint location in Kansas City, we take great care to accurately complete all necessary forms to ensure the acceptance of your injury claim, and to ensure that you receive all the benefits you have earned.

Expertise Required for DOL Doctors

For DOL workers’ comp injuries under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA), correct documentation is paramount. This is the most crucial element in getting your OWCP work injury claim accepted and receiving the necessary treatment to aid in your recovery.

At FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS OF KANSAS CITY, including our Restore Muscle and Joint location in Kansas City, our trained professionals are proficient in establishing the connection between your injury and symptoms and your job. This process, known as “Causation,” is essential in order to avoid claim denial and to secure the treatment you need to return to work and alleviate pain and re-injury.

If you have sustained a work-related injury in Kansas City, do not hesitate to contact FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS’ Restore Muscle and Joint location to receive the specialized care and expertise required for your DOL workers’ comp claim.

At FEDERAL INJURY CENTERS, including our Restore Muscle and Joint location in Kansas City, We Will:

– Clearly establish the link between your injury and your federal job (Causation).
– Ensure proper handling of your DOL forms.
– Facilitate the acceptance of your CA1 or CA2 injury claims.
– Provide guidance with Continuation of Pay (COP).
– Assist you with your Claim for Compensation (CA7).
– Accurately complete your CA17 Duty Status Reports.
– Offer support with your Schedule Award Impairment Ratings.
– Ensure you receive all the necessary treatment to facilitate your return to work.


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