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Our Customers Reviews

Here’s What Some Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Some of these reviews were submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites.

If you are living with pain...check this place out...I’m quit confident they have the hands of God...I lived with arthritis pain for years...couldn’t sleep at night...couldn’t sit in a chair or stand without non stop pain...after a few visits it was a noticeable difference...and to this day I do not have any arthritis pain at all...

Daina Kennedy, 01/21/2021

I was having knee problems and went to see them about physical therapy. They helped me immensely to strengthen the muscles supporting my knees as well as stretching exercises to increase mobility. I no longer have pain going up and down stairs nor during strenuous exercise. I highly recommend them!

Ed Carey, 01/07/2021

This place is fantastic everyone here is incredibly friendly and helpful. I was in so much pain before going here and now I feel better than I have in 10 years. i would most definitely recommend going here for anyone having back problems.

Megan Noble, 10/20/2020

I have only been there for two consultations. No treatment yet so I cant give review on if it helps. What I can review is the staff are extremely friendly! Stephanie in particular has been really helpful with info. She is the bright ray of sunshine now! I will edit my review after treatments as to how much it has helped.
Update: I feel so much better and the staff has continued to be amazing!

Stephanie F., 03/29/2019

One of the blessings my husband and I had was attending Doctor Pearson’s free seminars and following up with the consultation. He was ready for back surgery and my back wasn’t much better. This is not the ordinary Chiropractic care. It is a team care. Great Doctors and staff. We are so much better and will be checking out the next stage of care soon. Did I say No Surgery for my husband.

Janice Havel, 01/03/2019

15 pills left when my monthly refill of 9 pills came in today! Remember when I first came to see y'all I was running out a week or more before the month was over. It's been over a month since I've taken any & at least 2 months since I had a full-blown migraine!!! Even though I'm just coming in twice per month I'm still migraine-free! So grateful Google led me to your office! BTW for those that don't know Sumatriptan is generic for Imitrex without insurance, it's the only thing that worked on my migraines for the last 15 years!

C. Cave, 03/13/2017

I've been seeing the professionals here since the beginning of December 2015. After struggling ALL of my adult life since I was 17, for the first time I have gone a week without a headache or migraine. I'm in happy tears writing this review that FINALLY I have a positive outlook on my future. It takes time, patience, and some sacrifice, but the work this clinic does is amazing.

A. Richardson, 03/13/2017

I came to Northland Physical Medicine with a migraine that would not go away. It had been months with no relief. They listened to all my concerns and worked with me throughout the process. My migraine went away after about 10 visits. They looked at the whole picture of what could be causing the pain instead of just throwing drugs at it to try to mask it. I have occasional migraines but hey only last a few days now and I take a lot less pain medication.

J. Hall, 03/13/2017

Before coming to Northland, I was getting only 2-3 hours of sleep per night. Since my consult that has changed. The staff truly knows their stuff. I know this because I’m about half way through my care and have saw substantial improvements with my carpal tunnel, back pain and inability to sleep. The staff is really pleasant and make rehab fun and seem like it’s not a chore but a great way to end my day.

J. Jones, 03/13/2017

I have been coming for a couple of months and have had wonderful results. The pain I was having in my ankle was awful and at times almost unbearable. Now I am mostly pain free. The staff here is wonderful and always helpful and friendly. I love that it is a comprehensive program. Dr. Brandon always listens and helps the area of the day. He is great. I love hat the entire staff takes time to learn your name.

J. Laubach, 03/13/2017

I have struggled with bad migraines for about 15 years. As I got older, they got worse. I raced a stand up Jet Ski for 10 years, riding JS for 35 years. I really messed up my neck, back, shoulders and knees. My neck has protruding disk, and bone spurs and is pinching nerves causing neck pain and migraines. I found Northland Physical Medicine on FB, I was having 4-5 migraines a week, with bad neck pain. After I started my treatment (8 weeks) , I might have 1 migraine a week, or less! I'm actually smiling and enjoying life! Dr Pearson and her ENTIRE staff are Wonderful! Dr Pearson explains why you are having migraines, and fully explains her treatment to correct the cause. She offers many migraine treatments that work! I suffered for many years, I wish I would have found them years ago!

K. Miller, 03/13/2017

After months & months of daily headaches, stiff neck & back pain - hardly being able to walk after getting up - I feel like a new person! The staff are so friendly & professional - the doctors answer all your questions, explain how the treatments are going to relieve your pain & are so patient in explaining the exercises. I would recommend Northland Physical Medicine to anyone!

K. Bisbee, 03/13/2017

Though a new patient of Northland, I want to share my experience from that perspective. Through examination and xray, I became more aware of what is causing my physical issues, and how they can be corrected or lessened. The staff in total are friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and willing to answer my concerns and questions. I look forward to continuing treatment and feeling much, much better.

L. Bologna, 03/13/2017

I have been coming since January of 2016 for migraines. My Migraines are weather related. Since starting at NPM my Migraines have reduced significantly. The staff is awesome and are great motivators!

L. Tracy, 03/13/2017

I came in to Northland Physical Medicine with hip pain, lower back and food pain. The staff was very friendly and were always considerate of my limited mobility. And they adjusted the physical therapy to my pain tolerance and ability- due to past surgeries. I was given by the staff many ways to improve my mobility – like getting in and out of the car, icing to decrease inflammation and breathing when I get up and down instead of holding my breath. My pain level is down and my walking has improved. I would encourage using their services before considering surgery.

M. Lumby, 03/13/2017

I was little iffy the first time I went in. Didn't know what to expect but listened to what they had to offer. I sure am glad that I decided to go, 7 weeks into it and my neck problems are getting better each week and my lower back hasn't felt this good in for I don't know how long. Still have a little more to work on but I would recommend this place to anyone. Very friendly staff and willing to help you with any questions you may have. Don't miss the opportunity to be pain free and able to do the things you want to do because you are skeptical. You won't be disappointed.

B. McCoy, 03/13/2017

I am SO glad to have discovered Dr. Brandon and his amazing team! I haven't felt this good in what seems like forever!

K. Kenyon, 03/13/2017

Such a fun staff! Everyone is very friendly! I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with my migraines!

L. Mossman, 03/13/2017

Awesome work on putting the curve back in my neck like it should have.

K. Seeley, 03/13/2017

I've been going to doctors, hospitals, etc. and tried different medications for headaches for two years with no results or answers.. Found this place online and made an appt. They are all wonderful people and friendly as can be ! The chiropractor found the cause of my headaches and started treatment for me by my SECOND appointment, which was the next day. Highly recommend ! Very grateful to have come across this place!

C. Callahan, 03/13/2017

This place and the staff there are awesome. I have seen improvement in my headaches in three weeks. Taking a lot less meds. Looking forward to being headache free someday.

L. Davis, 03/13/2017

We love Kendra and her staff! She works on my entire family! We always walk out feeling much better than we walked in baby included!

A. McGarvie, 03/13/2017

The therapists and therapy here have reversed 27 years of damage in my spine. Thanks Kendra, Brandon and entire team I'm finally feeling good again.

A. Bell, 03/13/2017

This team is truly awesome. They listen and truly care about every patient

P. Ewing, 03/13/2017

Amazing staff and wonderful treatment!

K. Ressler, 03/13/2017

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