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Migraines Treatment In Kansas City, MO

Most Effective Treatment for Migraines & Headaches

Restore Muscle and Joint, located in Kansas City, MO is an integrated medical clinic that focused on pain management. The clinical research, safety and results from this migraine treatment program are revolutionizing how migraines and headaches are treated. Many of our patients find relief that can last for days and, after following the treatment plan, their need for prescription medication is eliminated.

People who suffer from headaches and migraines spend more than $4 billion dollars annually on over-the-counter (OTC) medications that only temporarily dull the pain their headaches and migraines cause. Our Protocol changes this with correcting the cervical curve in the neck.

Effectively treats:

  • Migraine
  • Tension Headaches/Stress Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Chronic Pregnancy Headaches
  • Head Pain from Fibromyalgia

Anyone who suffers from severe headaches, migraines and atypical head pain understands the frustration with these OTC solutions and pharmaceutical painkillers; the relief is only temporary and the pain medication does nothing to prevent the next impending headache or migraine.

That’s what makes our Treatment so exciting. It’s a whole new approach that provides safe, long term migraine relief.

Fast and Safe: No Long-Term Complications

Unlike OTC painkillers and prescription medications, our treatment doesn’t have potentially dangerous side effects or complications. As a total head pain treatment plan, Our treatment has been clinically proven to provide long-term relief from headaches and migraines. Those who have experienced chronic migraines and headaches for years may require a treatment program to experience a long term benefit.

To get relief from your migraines and headaches contact Restore Muscle and Joint, call (816) 360-9652.

Top 5 Migraine Mistakes

  1. Food diary. Tired of bumbling through a tedious and seemingly endless list of foods to eliminate from your diet and the tedious symptom-tracking that goes along with it? You are not alone. A food diary is essential to eliminate ONE type of dietary intolerance, and that is the kind called IgE(ImuPro, 2017). That is a very rapid response to by your immune system to a foreign “invader” and is very easy to notice. The other more insidious, and almost impossible to detect or at least determine with any specificity, is the IgG response (Rocky Mountain Analytical, 2017). This response takes hours or even days to occur, and as you know already, it is almost impossible to determine if even the most carefully tracked breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner caused your problem.

The Solution:  IgG food testing. Take the guess-work out of your food elimination program! With a simple professionally-administered bloodspot test, you can determine EXACTLY what foods are wreaking havoc with your immune system and potentially contributing to your migraines.

  1. Whether it is at your office wellness orientation or in a private studio, massages feel great. BUT, I bet you notice that tension and headache creeping right back into your neck and shoulders within minutes or hours, don’t you? Here is the problem with massage, it is addressing an effect, not a true cause. The CAUSE of the tension you have in your shoulders, neck, and head – all potentially contributing to your migraines – is a side effect of an improper shape or curve in your neck! The neck should be in a gentle curve or “lordosis”, which allows it to distribute the weight of gravity evenly among the bones, joints, and muscles of the neck (, 2017). When this gentle curve is disturbed, it moves the head forward and forces the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and head to work overtime. That is why the tension returns so quickly. What truly needs to be professionally assessed is not the “muscle tension”, but the structure of your neck.

The Solution:  A thorough Chiropractic assessment of the structure of your neck. Without a proper assessment and corrective plan of the cervical lordosis (which may include forms of massage or soft tissue work), you will continually return to the same tense muscles over, and over, and over again. Break the cycle and get to the CAUSE!

  1. Herbs, supplements, and essential oils. Your cousin’s BFF has probably had you try a “custom headache blend” of oils, which just made you greasy and smell like the health food isle of your local grocery store. Or, you surfed the internet for a migraine remedy supplement with a “proprietary blend” of different vitamins and herbs, and even tried it, with lackluster or zero results. You are not alone, as these are HUGE industries. But here is the reality: Your body chemistry is UNIQUE and should be addressed as such, and by a trained professional. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars “trying” different herbs, vitamins, or miracle oils, why not get some objective testing done?

The Solution:  Organic acid testing (Great Plains, 2017). This testing can pinpoint key areas that are out of balance in your metabolism of nutrients and a clear path to correct them. Stop wasting your hard-earned money and time on self-experimentation or the “knowledge” of non-professionals in treating your migraines.


Migraines can destroy your life, from your professional life to your social life, even your marriage. They are a debilitating condition that should be addresses comprehensively. The team of professionals at Restore Muscle and Joint in Kansas City, MO, do just that. By taking a comprehensive and natural approach to your migraines, they will determine what YOU need to find lasting relief from the pain and suffering caused by migraines. Call them TODAY at 816-452-4488 to set up your initial appointment today and experience the difference that comprehensive care really feels like.

Physical Component

Restore Muscle and Joint  will evaluate the diagnostic test results and feedback from the patient to find any biomechanical imbalances or other physiological issues that may be triggering the severe headaches, migraines, and facial pain. Physical treatment will include, but is not limited to corrective rehab, chiropractic adjustments, corrective ergonomic recommendations, cranial therapy, diet modifications, and stress management therapy.

Long-Term Relief

Although pain may be alleviated after the first treatment, headache relief will only be long-term if the patient completes the entire treatment program. Patients who have experienced chronic migraines or headaches for years will need the full treatment to gain the maximum benefits. Clinical tests recommend that the patient schedule treatments for a 4 – 12-week time frame.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Restore Muscle and Joint in Kansas City, MO please call us at 816-452-4488 or visit our contact page.

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