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Neck Pain Relief In Kansas City, MO

Neck pain can be frustrating and debilitating. Whether you have a sharp twinge or a persistent dull ache, your neck pain can keep you from doing the things you love. Here at Restore Muscle and Joint, we provide comprehensive neck pain treatment programs designed to alleviate neck pain and help your neck work the way it’s supposed to. We treat the underlying causes of neck pain to give our patients long term relief. Experienced and highly trained in a number of the latest chiropractic and therapeutic procedures, or medical team has helped hundreds of patients across Kansas City, MO and beyond find relief from their neck pains. Learn more about our neck pain treatment services below, and contact our medical professionals at 816-452-4488 to schedule an appointment today!

Treating the Causes of Neck Pain

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your neck pain may be the result of another bodily issue. Common causes of neck pain include poor posture, sitting at a desk for too long, whiplash, sleeping in a bad position, or jerking your neck around during exercise. When you schedule an appointment with our medical professionals at Restore Muscle and Joint, we’ll work diligently to determine the underlying cause of your neck pain. From there, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan designed to both alleviate current pain and develop healthy habits to prevent future issues.

If your neck pain is the result of a single, identifiable injury, our medical team will provide you with a host of therapeutic treatment options to help work out a tightness of muscular abnormalities. We’ll also start you on a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to promote strength and flexibility to get your neck back to pain-free working order as quickly as possible.

Our Neck Pain Treatments

Here at Restore Muscle and Joint, our experienced medical professionals proudly provide a wide range of services and procedures designed to treat all types of neck pain. For persistent aches and alignment issues, we offer intensive chiropractic adjustment. For injuries sustained in automobile accidents or sports, we provide personalized rehabilitation programs to help you regain neck strength and functionality. Whether you are suffering from bulging disc, herniated disc, or small ache, our professionals can help. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Take Control of Your Neck Pain

If you’ve been living with neck pain, take the first step towards lifelong relief by calling our Kansas City, MO medical professionals here at Restore Muscle and Joint. We’ll provide you with comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation options designed to help you return to normal in no time. Contact our office at 816-452-4488 to schedule an appointment with us today!

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